On sale NOW! More than a book – it’s a guide to your inner beauty!  Inner Beauty Journal by Holly Fulger, Melissa McNamara

“Your inner beauty and well-being were first on my mind as I wrote this book. I hope that you can learn from my experiences so that you can live your happiest and most confident life NOW!” ~ Holly

From Holly’s personal struggles with self-image and media pressures, you’ll learn how she built her confidence as she learned that beauty is an inside job first. The great news is – although it took her 20 years to learn, you can learn in just a few weeks by reading the book and joining her in the processes included inside.
Inside this book:
~ Inner Beauty Meditations
~ The story of how Holly conquered her insecurities
~ Journaling exercises to help you discover what is real for YOU!
~ Personality test to determine your inner beauty profile
~ Make-up guides for five separate inner beauty profiles
~ Links to personalized makeup video tutorials based on your personal inner beauty profile … and lots more!

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Speaking of Beauty Inner Beauty Journal:
A Guide to Discovering Yourself and Defining Your Self Image Regardless of Media Influence

by Holly Fulger
with contributions by Melissa McNamara