Holly Fulger

Holly Fulger is a film, television and stage actress living in Los Angeles, CA.  Consistently cast as “the best friend” beside numerous stars (Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen Degeneres, Rene Russo) she also plays “wacky Aunts” “moms” and even a professional “madame”.  

As a spokesperson and inner-beauty workshop leader, Holly has written numerous articles on beauty. An article she wrote for iCNN caught the attention of a CNN producer who interviewed Holly and seven other women on their perception of beauty. To Holly, the most interesting part of her beauty workshops and being on CNN, was listening to other women’s stories and hearing how difficult it was for women to say what is beautiful about themselves. As a result, it set fire to a passion to help women create a positive, compassionate, and beautiful self-identity.

It’s now the driving force behind her latest her new web series, SPEAKING OF BEAUTY WITH HOLLY FULGER, designed to open a dialog among women to address their fears, their insecurities and ultimately, help women discover their inner-beauty, enhance their self-image, and feel more beautiful at every age. Holly interviews some of her favorite role models and “everyday heroes” of all races, ages and backgrounds, each woman discusses their personal vision of beauty, the negative effects of media’s “ideal woman”, and how these perceptions influence their lives and their power as women.

Holly takes a profound look at both the positive and negative aspects of being a woman and presents a platform for resolving the paradox of being “beautiful” and the power of being yourself.

An accomplished actress, Holly was a television series regular and working film actress in the 80’s and 90’s. Prior to moving to Hollywood from her Ohio hometown, Holly studied stage acting at the acclaimed Remains Theatre Company in Chicago, where she starred in many award-winning plays directed by Tony® award-winning director, Robert Falls. She just worked on a new play by Mark Roberts (creator of MIKE and MOLLY) with the Rogue Machine Theater in Los Angeles, where she is a company member.

Holly Fulger is married to character actor, Ron Bottitta, and lives with their two children and all their rescue animals, in Hancock Park, CA.

You can read more about Holly here on IMDB.